Clarity Cinema Ad in a theatre near you!

We are very proud to release Clarity Optometrist's first Cinema ad that commences in Balmoral and Hawthorne Cineplex Cinemas from Thursday March 24th 2016.

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We actively scour the internet looking for Videos that will be educational, entertaining and informative about all things to do with vision and optical fashion. Please make sure you drop by our MEDIA page on this website. Vision for Life.

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Optober World Sight Day OGS 2015

Here is a look at how we launched Optober 2015 at Clarity Optometrists Bulimba. We were very proud to have many locals come along and join with our fabulous local representatives as we helped raise funds for the great Optometry Giving Sight cause, World Sight Day. Please enjoy. Music by Luke Gregory. Still photography by Hannah Photography.

Optober World Sight Day OGS 2015 from Clarity Bulimba on Vimeo.

What is an OCT??

To better manage diseases like Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, we use the latest scanning of the retina with our Zeiss Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomographer which enables cross sectional imaging of the retina and optic nerve. This instrument uses a non invasive laser light instead of x rays to obtain an image. The procedure takes only a few minutes and is completely painless. During the procedure the patient is seated behind the instrument and asked to maintain fixation at a small light inside the instrument. While the patient is looking at the target the laser scans the retinal tissue in a matter of seconds. The digital color image obtained allows us to visualize abnormalities or structures within the retina down to less than 10 microns. This procedure is very helpful measuring nerve damage in glaucoma.

Retinal changes in diabetesmacular degeneration, central serous retinopathy, cystoid macular edema, epiretinal membranes, hypertensive retinopathy, and other conditions are also able to be managed more accurately than ever before.