Why do we blink?

Blinking is a normal reflex that protects the eye from dryness, bright light, and fingers or other objects coming towards it. Blinking also regulates tears, which nourish and cleanse the surface of the eye The blinking rate in newborns is only 2 times per minute. This increases to 14-17 times per minute in adolescence and remains at this rate through the remainder of life. Blinking can also increase in response to pain, bright light, changes in temperature and humidity, and conversation


Dr Ann Webber has been a key driver of QLD Paediatric Optometry Alignment Program

Great to see this article on the Paediatric Optometry Alignment Program that Ann has been involved with at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.
"The pilot program was established by the hospital’s Ophthalmology Department.
The evidence-based clinical training delivered on 13 March will be followed with online modules and ongoing communication, management and audit frameworks to discharge suitable patients from the hospital to Aligned Optometrists in community practice.
Queensland optometrist Dr Ann Webber has been a key driver of the program. She delivered one of the educational modules alongside two paediatric ophthalmologists and a senior orthoptist."

See the full article in Optometry Australia here


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We are very proud to release Clarity Optometrist's first Cinema ad that commences in Balmoral and Hawthorne Cineplex Cinemas from Thursday March 24th 2016.

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