Ann's Research Award

It's been 3 years since Ann was recognised by The Australian Society for Medical Research by being named as a Finalist in it's Clinical Research Award for 2010. 

How time flys!

At Clarity Optometrists we are constantly striving to deliver the most up to date outcomes for our patients.

Vision for Life.

Back to school....time to get your kid's eyes tested

Back to school in a couple of weeks here in Australia! We have eaten our fair share of Christmas food, played beach cricket and welcomed in the New Year. Now we turn our attention to buying school books, new shoes, the next sized uniforms and we should all be thinking about getting our kid's eyes checked.

Australian charity, OneSight, estimates that up to 40% of children may have vision problems which affect their learning. OneSight estimates that more than 660,000 Australian school-age children have an undetected vision defect. Surprisingly we see children present every year with previously undetected visual problems that could have been impacting on their ability to learn. 

Kids should have their eyes tested before starting school and then regularly after that. The time between visits will be advised by your Optometrist based on family history and the presenting condition.

The most common vision problems affecting children are:
myopia (short-sightedness)
hyperopia (long-sightedness)
astigmatism (distorted vision)
Once recognised, these problems are usually easy to correct. 

A serious condition that affects about 2% of all children is called amblyopia, or “lazy eye”. Early treatment of lazy eye is important as it is not possible to correct after about the age of five and can result in permanent loss of vision from one eye.
In simple terms, lazy eye is when both eyes don’t see equally which can be caused by a squint or one eye being stronger than the other.
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists strongly urges all parents get their child’s sight tested before the age of 5.

Do the right thing by your kids and give them the best chance at learning by getting an eye test before school goes back! 

Oue staff, headed by well know Paediatric Optometrist Dr Ann Webber, are ready to assist in any way we can. Call 3899 4044 to make an appointment.

Getting the right frames for children

At Clarity Optometrists we have years of experience in the dispensing of children's frames. We are sought out because of our great selection of frames from toddlers through to fashion conscious teens. Here are just a few points to take into consideration when it comes time to select your child's next pair.  

Children’s glasses have to be tough and withstand activities such as sports, school and playtime. A child’s glasses should be unbreakable, flexible and as lightweight as possible.

Nowadays this is no longer a problem. A vast array of fashionable frames are available and the days when lenses had to be as thick as bottles are long gone. When looking for the perfect model, there are a few things you should look out for. A reliable pair of glasses is especially indispensable for fun, games and sports.

What’s true for adults applies to children quite naturally: A pair of glasses has to fully compensate for vision problems. This ensures that children will be able to go through their young lives with perfectly clear sight and understanding. Playing and sports demand that your child has a pair of excellent glasses. Adolescents are still developing their coordination and fine motor skills. That’s why it is even more important that children with vision challenges wear glasses that give them their best vision.

The ability of these youngsters to judge the distance and impact of barriers or moving objects properly depends on it.

However, it does not stop there. When reading a book or the black board in school, when playing with others or studying on the computer; even while watching television – the eyes of children have to work overtime. Children who have to manoeuvre through traffic absolutely need good glasses. Make sure your child’s vision aid meets all of the following requirements and always remember – your child’s eyes are precious:

Clarity Optometrists is proud to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of kid's frames in Brisbane. Our dispensing staff have years of experience helping parents and children find the frame that best suits them.

Remember that because kid's can be tough we always recommend having a second pair as a back up. To make this easier we offer 50% off the second pair purchased at the same time as the initial pair.